Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Under Construction

Let's see if I can show some initiative and actually get this thing up and rolling. Obviously I took the easy way and just opened a blog instead of building my own website.....I'm also finishing up classes for the semester, so sue me for not having enough time to build an actual website.

Anyway, my goal here is to keep everyone updated while I am in Huntington Beach. Hopefully, if my camera stops sucking, it will be mostly picture posts and I can let the photos talk for me. But to keep this short and sweet, once I get organized and completely moved out to the West coast, then the posts should start rolling in.

Keep in Touch,


  1. I hope to see a pic of you eating a big fat juicy Cottham's burger in Ar and then there should be a thought bubble with my name in it, because you were supposed to be eating it for me;)

  2. Oh, and I will be in Cali from June 4th until the 12th and we WILL find a way to hang out for your B-day!

  3. i would love to tell you i ate a big burger at cotthams....but we were only in little rock for like an hour...and we stopped at this dank pizza place that i definitely do not regret finding. and we BETTER find a way to hang out for the bday....im not sure how i could possibly make it to SF though :-/