Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Microsoft Excel Can Suck It.

I spent all day making a spreadsheet that put together and balanced buy orders from a ton of different spreadsheets, for just over 8 million dollars worth of merchandise......needless to say, I'm kind of a big deal. Not really, they would have done it with or without me, but since I was there, they didn't have to do it because it's definitely a pain. Either way, the day went by pretty quickly....

FOR NOTHING!!!!!! I got up this morning at 6 to check the surf and it looked reasonably fun, but the forecast said it would be better around 6 at Seal Beach (which is where Nate lives). So I figured I'd go back to sleep and come get my boards during my lunch break, and head straight to Seal beach to surf after work. That's exactly what I did....except I should have known something was up when the forecast said it would be good at DEAD HIGH TIDE....lame, we got there and it was as flat as it probably is at home right now. I threw a fit....but it's cool, me and Nate grilled out again, then played volleyball with all the Boeing interns and chilled for a bit. I'm just getting back now, but I'm super tired and getting ready to hit the sack so I can attempt this whole surfing thing again in the a-m.

More Pictures Soon....I Promise----I'm either going to Six Flags this weekend, or a cookout in LA, so there will be plenty of photo opps either way.


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  1. Isn't Excel fabulous!!? I enjoy working with it every day : ) Looks like Cali is treating you well.. Have fun!