Sunday, June 14, 2009


So I said I would post again yesterday and I didn't - sue me. The event that I was hoping to grab some shots for on Friday ended up being a bomb. Donavon Frankenreiter was playing 6 secret shows in Southern CA. He listed the date and city of each show. All you had to do was be one of the first 10 people to send an email at 10am Pac Std Time, requesting a ticket for the show in that area, on that day. I didn't get it, but my plan was to go to the show in Huntington Beach (Because that was one of the locations) and get some awesome pics of the show because they were all really small.

Anyway, so that ended up being a no-go. I was really excited though because Nate and I had plans to head down to Hollywood on Saturday, then go from Hollywood to Malibu, then come back from Malibu and stop back in Hollywood to go out for the night with his friends. Well, Saturday ended up being the most miserable day that I've had since I came to Cali. Here's why:

So, we leave at 11 am to get to Hollywood in time to eat lunch with his friends...the traffic is unbelievable (i hate LA because of this....soo much). We finally get to Hollywood after an hour and a half, eat some lunch and make our way through some even more ridiculous Hollywood traffic and get to Nate's friends place and regroup before heading to Malibu. Keeping in mind that Nate and I intended on being in Malibu by no later than 2, so we could chill on the beach all day. Because of more traffic, we don't even end up in Malibu until 4pm....super lame. When we get there though, we go to this super gorgeous spot (there will be pictures shortly) and I see the best wave that I have seen since coming to Cali. This is awful....anyone want to guess why this is awful? I'll tell you. The one thing I left out of the story earlier, is that I got a freakin staph infection earlier in the week, so I can't get in the water till the Doc says its ok. Normally I wouldn't listen to that rule...the problem is that we are pretty sure the dirty-ass ocean out here is what gave me the staph. So yeah, this beautiful wave right here:

and I can't even surf.

On top of that, we decide that it is not very safe for Nate to try and learn to surf at this spot because of the rocks. I didn't want Nate to get hurt and I certainly didn't want him to ruin my board on the rocks. So we drove about 20 minutes south to Santa Monica and decided to let him surf there. At this point, I was already having a pretty terrible time because I couldn't surf this gorgeous wave, and I had essentially been in a car alllllll day on a day that was meant to be spent on the beach. Well Nate gets to try and surf and I'm having a good time watching him get ROCKED by these waves that are still coming in at around chest to head high. Everything is fine and Nate gets out and when we go to leave, I went to put the board in my car and notice that it is broken......Not broken in half, but apparently one of the times that Nate got slammed, so did the board and it ripped the fin box out of the board. So at this point of the day, Ive been stuck in traffic for most of the day, I wasn't able to surf a perfect wave, I have a staph infection, and the board that I spent two days painting is broken. Literally the worst day I've had since coming out. After that, we decided to not even go back to Hollywood, we just went straight home from there. The funny part is that it only took us about 30 minutes to get home, which means that if we had avoided Hollywood all together, Malibu would have only been about 45 minutes away.....and if you can tell anything from the pictures, its that I am going back there soooooooon.

So to go ahead and cut myself off since this has gotten pretty long, today we had a cookout for the lakers game. Nate and all of his roommates and a few of the other Boeing interns came over. Me and Nate and Kevin cooked up some stuff and we took the huge flatescreen HD tv outside to watch the game. I snapped a few crappy pictures from that, but there wasn't much to talk about for today. So anyway, here are the pics from the cookout:

So yeah, that was my weekend in a nutshell. If you made it this far into the update, congratulations, you deserve a medal. Sorry that was so long-winded, but I guess it was somewhat necessary. I'll talk to ya soon.


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  1. only because i made it all the way through this blog post, i will be sending you my address via text message and i will expect my medal to arrive fedex