Sunday, May 24, 2009

AVP, almost surf, and COOKOUT!

Well, today was pretty fun. I woke up and the surf was glassy and anywhere from shoulder to 2 ft OH high....but it was more crowded than normal in the morning, unlike home. I still had a good time but I got out not because I was tired, but because I was cold. The sun finally came out and me and Kevin and Martin went down to watch the finals of the AVP tournament. That was alright but the surf had crapped out so much by that point that I couldn't even get any good pics.....and I'm obviously going to surf when the surf is good, so I'm not sure how that will end up working haha.

We also had a cookout tonight. Me and Kevin, his friends Martin and Lynn, and my friend Nate and his brother and two roommates that are just down the street all came. The food was awesome, we did drinks, with bacon/jalapeno/cheddar/shrimp as starters but then we did an awesome drunk chicken with mixxed veggies and bread for the entre. Everyone chipped in a little I guess, but it was an awesome meal ether way.

I promised some pictures, so without even going through them, here are the pics from the day and the cookout! :

also, here's a few more that wouldn't fit:

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  1. Good times, man! Did you see the candid pictures of you at the end of the night? haha