Saturday, May 23, 2009

No Photos This Time


First day at Roxy was Thursday, and it was cool. They gave me a bag of stuff and then showed me around for an hour or so, I got my employee badge....awesome, then my boss Tiffany and my other superior Nicole took me down to one of the shops in Newport Beach so we could see how they had some stuff setup. Tiffany actually asked if I had been to this famous cupcake shop called Sprinkes (I actually went to the one in Bev Hills on recommendation of a friend) and then she bought Sprinkles for is hard right? I got back to the office just in time to go to lunch haha, then came back and basically worked at my computer, in my cubicle for about 3.5 hours and then peaced out. Their current intern is still there so I am not actually going back until Thursday.

I also finally got in touch with the people at Old Navy for work (its nice because it's 2 miles down the street) and they said they could give me a call back as soon as they got in touch with my manager from back home. So some extra income will be nice, and definitely used :-)

There really haven't been any nice waves since Ive been out here, don't get me wrong I have surfed everyday, but the waves haven't been all that great yet. The swell is supposed to come in this weekend though and it definitely started showing up last night, so I should get some good surf for the weekend and hopefully that means some good pics too!

Also on a quick note, my friend Nate that I graduated with from S&M is actually living and working out here for the summer. He is only about 10 minutes down the road, so we've been hanging out. Me and Kevin are having a little cookout this weekend on Sunday, so I should also be able to get a few pictures together from that.

Anyway, all is well on my end of the nation, hope the same goes for all of you. If you actually read this far down the post, then thanks and I'll keep em' coming.



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