Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Casa de Kevin y Jonathan

Hey everybody,
Well, I took Tyler back to the airport this morning and he is on the way home as we speak. Unfortunately, he flew out of LAX instead of SNA....so I've had better mornings. The traffic is ridiculous, like nothing you have ever experienced if you are stuck in NC. Aside from that, I made it back to HB fine, after detouring to see Beverly Hills (None of the Cops looked like Eddie Murphy though). I start work on Thursday morning, so we will see how that goes - I am definitely excited about it.

And now, some more of what I promised -- pictures!
Here are a few shots of the place I am staying:

I will be posting some more of shots from around town soon, and maybe some of my shenanigans at the house.

Take Care,

Oh and if you are wondering, commenting at the bottom of these posts is a great way to keep up with me, so is facebook. I'm not making too many calls during the week because my phone free-nights-after-9 is midnight for most of you, and I am trying to not send text messages unless I absolutely HAVE to. Also if you have a Blackberry, you can reach me through BBM, just ask and I will give you my PIN.

So there it is, sign up to be a follower of the blog, that way I can see who cares, and leave some comments!

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